Technology in The Classroom

A 21st Century Christian Education

Technology is evolving rapidly, and the evidence of its value in the classroom is undeniable. At Northside Christian Academy, we foster a love for learning through making a 21st century education available to all of our students. How have we done this?

NCA Project 1-2-1

We’ve instituted a program called NCA Project 1-2-1 that puts iPads or Chromebooks into the hands of each student, so that they can take their learning experience to new heights.

Incorporating the use of technological devices, such as iPads and Chromebooks, with traditional classroom studies has many benefits for your student. One of the biggest payoffs is that it appeals to all four learning types:

■  Visual- those who learn best by seeing.

■  Auditory – those who learn best by hearing.

■  Reading/Writing – those who learn best by interacting with text.

■  Kinesthetic – those who learn best by doing.

The use of technology also increases retention rates because students are excited about their discoveries and are actively engaged in their lessons in a way they could not be without the use of devices.

Setting Students Up for Success

We believe that technology should play an instrumental role in your child’s Christian education, and that your child will experience both immediate and future benefits from learning how to properly use and engage with different forms of technology.

If students are to leave here and pursue a future career in a 21st century world, they ought to have access to a 21st century education. It not only enhances their studies, but leads to academic success as well.

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