Beginning Your Child’s Education The Right Way

Caitlin Leepard - preschools charlotte ncFinding the right preschool for your child is one of the most important foundations for their educational career. Not only will they lay their first academic cornerstones, but valuable social and motor skills are first developed in preparation for success in kindergarten through college. As your child takes these first steps in schooling, it’s important to find a preschool that will not only nurture them academically, but spiritually as well. At Northside’s Academy for Early Learning, we believe that by partnering with you, the parents, we can give each and every one of our students a solid footing to excel throughout their schooling and their lives. At the Northside Academy for Early Learning, our preschool begins at 6 weeks of age and continues until the Kindergarten transition time; covering the most important years of learning in  your child’s life.

We realize the great responsibility that is ours in providing quality care, academic instruction, instilling Christian character by teaching it and living it and encouraging each student to reach his or her full potential physically, socially, academically and spiritually. We seek to help parents train the children in the way of the Lord, and it is of vital importance that we work together in this pursuit. We believe that the development of your child into a mature Christian young person will, in part, be determined by the examples we set and the challenges we place before them.

Preparing For The Next Step

preschools in charlotte ncOne of the primary functions of an effective preschool program is to prepare every child to succeed at the next level of their academic journey. This valuable time in a child’s development provides the foundation for their academic, social, and spiritual future, and will prepare them for successes throughout their lives. When choosing a preschool for your family, it is important to find a school that will help your child grow into a well-rounded student, primed to continue to grow and excel. At Northside Christian Academy, we are able to focus on the full scope of every child’s education, with a solid understanding of every level of academics.

Need help with the enrollment process? See our 4 easy steps!

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2. Complete application and enrollment materials  (see Helpful Documents below)
3. Attend an enrollment meeting with the Director
4. Love your new partnership with us!

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Our caring, well-trained teachers are dedicated to fostering a safe, yet stimulating environment for children to feel both nurtured and encouraged to explore.
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