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A Private Christian Middle School in Charlotte, NC
Impacting Students for Eternity

Northside Christian Academy’s middle school in Charlotte, N.C., offers its students a challenging, rewarding environment for growth and development. Our private middle school’s rich variety of academic, artistic, and athletic programs meets the needs of all students who walk through our doors, and every student is given opportunities to grow, explore, develop and discover.

Growth in Grace

Grades 6th, 7th & 8th are a time of rapid change for every student. Northside’s middle school faculty and staff understand the pressures involved in this crucial life stage and work hard to provide a safe, welcoming, loving environment where your child can grow “in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52).

Our teachers, staff and administration partner with Christian families in and around Charlotte, NC, to build on the foundation laid at home and to prepare students for the high school experience ahead. Our goal is to educate all of our middle school students in Biblical truth and practical Biblical wisdom for life, while teaching all subjects from a Christian world and life view.


Growth in Knowledge

Our middle school curriculum program integrates a rich understanding of the Biblical text with an age-appropriate, yet rigorous, academic curriculum. Our teachers are our “Living Curriculum,” integrating faith and learning throughout the entire classroom experience. They are also nurturing, pouring their time, experience and knowledge into each student and across all ability levels.

All middle school students take Bible, English, history, math and science, and may take electives in art, band, choral music, computer, creative writing, foreign language and speech/drama.

Growth in Strength

Northside nurtures the “whole child” – soul, mind and body. Because of our commitment to developing students of strength in all areas, we encourage all middle school students to participate in Physical Education courses, sports and other extracurricular fitness outlets.

Team sports offered to our middle school students include, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, cross country, basketball, softball, and baseball. Competitive games are played against other private Christian middle schools in and around Charlotte, NC.

Looking for a Private Middle School in Charlotte, NC?

If you’re relocating to the Charlotte, North Carolina area, or if you’re searching for a Christian private middle school in the area, give us a call (704-596-4074). We’ll be delighted to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus, send you more information or answer any questions you may have.

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Our private middle school’s rich variety of academic, artistic, and athletic programs meets the needs of all students who walk through our doors.
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