A Bright Beginning: Kindergarten at NCA

kindergarten schools charlotte ncThe Kindergarten program at NCA is designed to prepare students for excellence throughout their academic lives. In small class sizes, each child receives individual attention from passionate teachers who specialize in early education. As students develop strong foundations across core subject areas, they participate in hands-on activities that foster academic, physical, social, and spiritual growth. Biblical integration across each subject is an important distinctive of our Christian Kindergarten program.

Program Highlights:

A Close-Knit Community

NCA is a place where kindergarteners feel right at home. In a safe and stimulating environment, students develop at their own pace while surrounded by caring teachers and staff. From the classroom to the playground, our school embodies the values of community, character, and respect, fostering an atmosphere that is beneficial to students of all ages.

Excellent Academics

Our academic program is highly interactive, allowing kindergarteners to learn important concepts through activities that feel like play. As students explore the world around them, they develop proficiencies across the core subjects of reading, math, science, and social studies. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are honed on a daily basis.

Special Subjects

While core academic foundations are our primary focus, the kindergarten curriculum is enhanced by many special subjects. Students are exposed to introductory-level content in music, art, technology, foreign language, and more, allowing them to discover individual talents and interests early on.

Christian Perspective

Even our youngest students experience significant spiritual growth at NCA. As kindergarteners progress through our program, they develop a growing awareness of God’s presence in their lives. Through opportunities like Bible studies, Chapel, and community outreach, students are able to understand their roles in God’s Kingdom.

Schedule A Tour Today

Getting on campus is the best way to experience what makes our school stand out. If you are looking for a Christian kindergarten program, we invite you to schedule a tour at Northside today! We hope you’ll agree that our vibrant learning community is the perfect place for your child to blossom.

Our caring, well-trained teachers are dedicated to fostering a safe, yet stimulating environment for children to feel both nurtured and encouraged to explore.
23 Aug, 2022

Back to School Bash

6:00 pm 333 Jeremiah Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28262
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