Inspired to Learn – Academics At Northside Christian Academy

As a leading Christian academy in Charlotte, N.C., Northside Christian offers a diverse, yet challenging curriculum tailored to the unique educational needs of both children and young adults. From preschool to grade 12, our academic programs are designed with students’ differing learning styles in mind and their varying interests at heart.

Truly effective academics must impart more than basic, worldly knowledge. At Northside Christian Academy, our focus is on wisdom, instilling in our students a passion for learning and Biblical truth. Knowing God as the source of all knowledge, students at NCA acquire a broader understanding in every academic endeavor.

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Focus on Education

Children begin learning the day they are born, and Northside Christian Academy strives to create an educational environment where children are continually inspired by life’s possibilities and excited by its daily discoveries. From early education onward, our students are taught not only a love of learning, but also a variety of skills fundamental to future academic success.

Preschool: Your child will learn more during their preschool years than any other time in their life. Our caring, well-trained teachers are dedicated to fostering a safe, yet stimulating environment for children to feel both nurtured and encouraged to explore.

Elementary School: Our elementary school includes grades K-5 and provides a structured educational setting inspired by a love of learning and a growing awareness of God in our students’ daily lives.

Middle School: Grades 6 and 8 are a crucial transition period in your child’s life, and our teachers work hard to provide a safe, welcoming, loving environment where your child can grow “in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52).

High School: As students prepare to take the next big step in their lives, our high school teachers guide them through their studies, integrating faith and learning across all subject areas. We equip students to live exemplary Christian lives, and partner with parents to develop their child’s abilities.



Devotion to Christ

The aim of Christian education is to share the wisdom and gospel of Christ with His beloved children and disciples. At Northside Christian Academy, our educational philosophy is dependent upon the Bible, its teachings and our own personal faith. The most important goal of Northside’s academic curriculum is to foster and strengthen students’ relationships with God.

Ready for the Next Step

By the time our students depart Northside for the world beyond, they have matured into responsible adults and mature followers of Christ. Each aspect of our curriculum ensures that our students are armed with the strengths and skills they will need to persevere through life’s most difficult challenges and pave the path toward personal growth and professional success.

Want to learn more about the benefits of academics rooted in faith? Contact the Admissions staff at 704-599-9015, or contact us online today! Our team will be delighted to schedule a campus tour, send you additional information about our school or answer any questions you may have.

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As a leading private christian school in Charlotte, N.C., Northside Christian Academy strives to provide each student with a firm academic foundation and a vibrant spiritual life.
23 Aug, 2022

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