The NCA Difference

A Christian Worldview Education

A student who develops a Christian worldview as a result of Northside Christian Academy’s impact will be:

• A committed follower of Jesus Christ with a strong biblical view of truth (or reality)

• A responsible and patriotic citizen who understands and appreciates America’s Christian heritage and works to strengthen that influence on government and every sphere of culture

• A person with values, principles and character, able to add real-life value to those around them as someone who is educated, thoughtful, articulate, honest, productive, and service-oriented

• Able to confidently and lovingly share, give reason for, and grow in his or her faith

• Able to continue their education and/or become a productive citizen improving society through their life and work


Living Curriculum Teachers

We believe Christian parents are looking for a special type of teacher, one we call the Living Curriculum. Parents understand these teachers will have awesome responsibilities and opportunities to shape their children’s lives. But how do we identify a Living Curriculum Teacher?

First of all, there is no prototype. They come with different personalities from different types of families. They were raised in the different environments in different parts of the world. They attended different colleges or universities and enjoy different styles of worship. Today, they are a wonderful mix of people rooted in Evangelical Christianity but with different heritages and different experiences.

We do believe, though, that Living Curriculum Teachers share a number of identifiable beliefs and qualities.


Living Curriculum Teachers are

• Born-again, growing, followers of Christ and they desire that their students experience the same personal relationship with Christ that they have.

• Happy and positive people. Students trust, respect and desire to be around Living Curriculum Teachers.

• Humble and trustworthy. They have an open mind and a sensitive spirit. They are approachable, and they really listen.

• Relationship builders. They understand that modeling through relationships is essential for growth in Christian character. They pay attention to the individual needs of students as they work at building meaningful and appropriate relationships.

• Committed to treating students with dignity. Students know they can count on a predictable, nurturing and stimulating environment in the Living Curriculum Teacher’s classroom.

• Parent partners. They believe the best education is one where parents and teachers work together supporting students from both sides.

• Life-long learners. They never stop getting better at the art and science of teaching. They understand that teaching content is not the only goal. Study skills, higher-level analysis, critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities should all be taught and practiced within the study of each subject area.

• Motivated to motivate. They take time with students one on one. To see a student end up serving God, using his or her gifts clearly within the will of God, provides an indescribable joy to the Living Curriculum Teacher.

We are passionately committed to providing Living Curriculum Teachers for Northside Christian Academy parents and their students.


Honor Code

The Honor Code calls for students to be truthful in their dealings with the faculty, staff and administration; to submit academic work that is fully their own; and to maintain possession of only those belongings to which they are rightfully entitled. Violations of the Honor Code are lying, cheating, and stealing-in any form and to any degree.

The Pledge:  I do solemnly pledge my honor that as long as I am a member of Northside Christian Academy, I will faithfully uphold the principles of the Honor Code, will cherish and guard its traditions, and will respect and observe its requirements, I make this pledge in view of God and the pledges of the students and faculty, which signifies our mutual Trust and Resolve to keep our honor secure.

Ranked among North Carolina’s Top 10 Christian Schools, we attribute much of the academic success and spiritual growth our students experience to the fact that everything we do comes from a biblical worldview.
23 Aug, 2022

Back to School Bash

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