Thoughts From Our Community, Staff and Alumni


Scott Childers, Vice President, Integrated Trade Management at Disney Worldwide, NCA Alum class of 1988

“NCA instilled in me a drive for excellence. My education at Northside served as a foundation for my career and the support I received from the faculty was invaluable to me as a young person. Service & leadership, collaboration & creativity, hard work & excellence – I believe these defining principles were ingrained in me as a student at NCA, and it helped shape my life personally, academically, professionally, and spiritually.”

Kelly Floyd, Founder & Physical Therapist at Elite Physical Therapy, NCA Alum class of 1997

“NCA provided me with an excellent education that was delivered with care and compassion. The staff took a genuine interest in my academic, personal, and spiritual growth. I feel that the personal attention I received helped to fortify in me a foundation of sympathy and empathy for others, which has helped me grow personally and professionally.”

Billy Shue, Asst. Vice President, Senior Auditor at Bank of America Corporation, NCA Alum class of 2002

“I could not be more thankful to the Lord for my time at Northside Christian Academy. I was not only able to learn how to become a better student or athlete, but I was also able to see tremendous testimonies for Christ in how I should live my life. Even now that I am a working professional, I can fondly look back at my educational, athletic, and life experience at Northside as a time period that really helped shape my work ethic and character in ways that has led to future success in college, my career, and in how I live my life in striving to glorify Christ.”

Dr. Alex McFarland, Author/Commentator

“Northside Christian Academy is one of the finest Christian schools in the country. Without hesitation and with enthusiasm, I endorse its mission, its leadership, and its objectives in training young men and women in Wisdom, Honor, and Truth.”

Pastor Steven Stinson, NCA Alum class of 1997

“My spiritual foundation was cemented at Northside Christian Academy. I was given the opportunity to grow up in an environment filled with coaches, teachers, and friends who continually encouraged me to seek Christ in all areas of my life. This helped me make the right decisions and helped me to hear God calling me into the ministry.”

Mr. David Nelson, NCA Social Studies Teacher

“The greatest reward for me as a teacher is to see my former students become talented, Christian men and women making a difference on their college campuses, in their places of work, and within their own families.”

Jocqueline Helms Propst, Nurse, NCA Alumna class of 2001

“At Northside Christian Academy our middle school foundation truly helps to set the tone for a successful high school experience. “I felt special being a part of the middle school at Northside. I was loved by my teachers and encouraged to grow both academically and spiritually.”

Kyle Abernerthy, School Teacher, NCA Alum class of 2008

“I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to speak to the graduates. It was such an encouragement for me to be able to share the story of God’s blessing on my life. It is also extremely encouraging to see the direction in which NCA is heading. I thank God for the leadership you bring. I was blessed to see your passion for the students, not only educationally and spiritually, but personally.”

Elisa Bailey Dinkins, NCA Parent

“At Northside my son received a first class education along with the best Christian environment!!! He was well prepared for college and was on the Dean’s List throughout his college years. Northside not only prepared him for his studies, it prepared him for the challenges of life, not to be afraid or live in fear and to know that with Christ anything is possible!!! I would not change a thing about our experience and I was honored to partner with this school for my child from 4 years old to 12th grade.”

As a leading private christian school in Charlotte, N.C., Northside Christian Academy strives to provide each student with a firm academic foundation and a vibrant spiritual life.
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