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Thank you for your interest in Northside Christian Academy. We know that making the decision about which school will be the best fit for your children is extremely important. Schools can change lives, and you want your children to be in an environment where they will be encouraged and inspired to be capable, compassionate, and morally courageous men and women. You envision a place where they will learn about core values such as wisdom, honor, and truth. Northside Christian Academy has been that kind of school for over 1,300 alumni for more than 50 years.

The  information we have provided will help to answer your questions about the outstanding academics, fine arts and athletic programs that we offer. This information will offer a clear picture of Northside’s strong commitment to prepare students with the skills they need for college and for life.

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What truly distinguishes Northside Christian Academy will not be found in the descriptions of its curriculum or its extracurricular program. Northside’s spirit is found in the character of its people, in its community, in the interactions between students and teachers, in the values which daily define how we live, in our emphasis on Christian leadership, in our climate of respect, and in the way that we appreciate and celebrate our students.

Northside is a special place. We invite you to visit and feel the Northside difference.

As a leading private christian school in Charlotte, N.C., Northside Christian Academy strives to provide each student with a firm academic foundation and a vibrant spiritual life.
23 Aug, 2022

Back to School Bash

6:00 pm 333 Jeremiah Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28262

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What Parents & Alumni Say About Us

Northside Christian Academy is one of the finest Christian schools in the country. Without hesitation and with enthusiasm, I endorse its mission, its leadership, and its objectives in training young men and women in Wisdom, Honor, and Truth.
_Dr. Alex McFarland, Author/Commentator
The greatest reward for me as a teacher is to see my former students become talented, Christian men and women making a difference on their college campuses, in their places of work, and within their own families.
_Mr. David Nelson, NCA Social Studies Teacher
At Northside Christian Academy our middle school foundation truly helps to set the tone for a successful high school experience. “I felt special being a part of the middle school at Northside. I was loved by my teachers and encouraged to grow both academically and spiritually.
_Jocqueline Helms Propst, Nurse, NCA Alumna Class of 2001
This is my first time to consult in this hospital and I’m lucky I got a perfect doctor who takes care of me since day one of my consultation, until the day of my surgery.
_John Doe, Founder